In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.

To anyone affected by the evil eye and the magic  and domination of the jinn  or Possessed by devil  and wanted to know the secrets of jinn and witchcraft and the causes of healing, so please read  the subject to the end.

The – Ayen Evil-Eye is an  evil energy that comes out of the eye of a person who does not remember ALLAH  for what he sees. One gets feverish, tired and lethargic at first, but this can be recovered by Koran.

But if the -Ayen-  eye turns into demons, then it becomes punishment, sickness, inversion, chaos, fear, sadness .

In this case, it is necessary to give him the grace of Allah, by a Raqi who have science, wisdom and power to kick out the devils first, and then the Roqia and remedial by the willing of  Allah. If the demons do not been kicked out, the patient will not be cured even after ten years.

There are lots of magic kinds:

The Eaten magic or a Drink one or Sprinkled / thrown on the road or threshold of the step  house or by touch, such as a veil that hits the person between the shoulders. It is the magic of love, works by a woman who wants to marry a man, or a man for a woman to love him.

And all this witchcraft infects the person directly, and causes obstacles in life, bodily complaints, and brain irritation.

Suspended Magic in the trees, whenever the wind blows in the place of magic , make  the mind of the enchanted man at a worst situation, moving from place to place, from land to land, and traveling a lot.

The magic hidden/putting into the wall/ in the walls, making the enchanted person feel alone and isolated from the world at home

The hanging Magic in the wing of birds, make the enchanted person calm only when the birds rest at night.

Magic that is bound to a dog, keep the enchanted in movement until the dog rests.

The underground buried Magi , public trash can, in cemeteries, make  a patient walks like a dead man on the ground without a goal.

The thrown Magic in the sea, or in  the wells, or  rivers,  make life difficult  and submerging  in debt , all this are make by a water demon, turn the person obsessed with water and cleanliness, make the obsessed person resting in bath for hours, washing hands several times.

The  thrown Magic  in the drains, or the animal’s nest, make the person  mocked by a dirty devil,  so the patient is always  dirty, and does not wash, throw their objects without any attention.

They magic buried at the crossroads, spread thoughts so that the patient cannot make decisions, hesitant in his life, afraid to make decisions.

The magic buried at the place where the donkey is sleeping is done by a woman for the man to control him as a donkey.

These magic deeds are made by knots, menstrual blood, blood of the murdered person, dog blood or blood of death person by accident, esophagus, needles without holes, to sterilize women, and abortion, dead dog Bones, hair, nails and donkey and skin Of snake, bones of dead animals, glass pieces of deadly accidents and other things.

This magic of hatred -hate-  is burned with fire, which works to disperse families, break up couples, nerves, anger, hatred, insult, humiliation, hate  marriage, suspension of work, trade, sickness, stop patient not to marry, transgression, and destruction of family relations …

The magic of hearing and obedience burned with fire is done by couples by means of satanic talismans, or black and red cares.
they Write the name of the victim and the name of his mother and names and the number of devils who perform the task of black magic.

Magic works remotely, because it is a matter and a task, given by the damned magician to the demons to perform the task of magic, or via phones in order to stop a marriage and stop or block trade, study and work.

If the magic is besprent and crossed by the human, or eating, or buried, this magic served by the genie and terrestrials demons make the man or the woman sick, so doctors do not know his illness.

If magic is suspended or burned with fire, it works for the idiot and the madness. This magic is served by different kinds of flying demons, Jinns who strike the brain and the mind. They cause worry, sadness, fear, anxiety, obsessions, nerves, impulsivity, schizophrenia and madness.

Then the patient ends up in the demoniacal hospital or commits suicide or becomes aggressive and leads to violence or kills people and ends up in jail.

The problem is how to know the type of magic,  its duration,  reasons and the number of demons in charge of his service:

If the Raqi – the noble person- is not given the wisdom of Allah and the blessing of revelation and truthful science, he will still read the Qur’an to the patient for days, weeks, months, and perhaps for years, without success because the enemy of Allah and the enemy of the patient and the superior enemy who is the jinn or the devil – the servant of magic – is still unknown and unknowns his place,

to deal with him or to expel him and he came to the task and assignment of his master and leader Satan and forced the magician and the task of magic, which must be performed or to be  killed or to be  jailed

How can the Raqi who thinks that he knows all about his job, how he can set off ignorance, the task of the devil, and stop him from performing his mission which is serving the magic, he cannot do anything even he reads the whole Koran to the patient, the genie  pretend he is suffering and screaming And the body falls down .even it was a demon joke .

The  demon will be  kick out from the body of the patient  , Only if the Raqi can stop him performing his mission , and in a few cases the devil goes out for some time

Because he gets ill with the Koran and then comes back to take revenge on the patient with more ferocity and hatred.

So the Raqi takes  money and make the  patient a victim of the revenge of the jinn.

No one can expel the jinn and the demons from the body of  patient, but only  the Raqi who has the divine wisdom and the blessing powerful force of Allah . He can remove the mission of the jinn and the demons and expel them  forever and without return.

the patients  and the Raqi  should know that the demons  are like a thorn planted in the  body of the victim, must be taken out of the body, then the patient

will be good recovered.

Many Raqis  are interested in collecting money, if they been called by  any patient, they  hurry to date with him, to read the Koran on him, to see if it was a  magic or touched by demons,  they do not know the difference between  touching and partial or total” wearing” and do not know that in  90 per cent of cases the genie   is not  present with them, this is a mercy from Allah, their bodies are closed not to be opened by Jinns  how they  know  in this case that the genie is wearing the  patient or not ???

The calamity is that the Raqi for his ignorance of the world of the jinn, in such a case they  lie  and tell the patient that  he is  infected with the evil eye -Ayen-

Or say to him, that he is an obsession because his body did not move during the séance of reading Koran . The body does not move If there is no demon inside it.

Our Lord do not make us ignorant people- folk-.

Only 7 percent of patients  are totally or partially “incarned” by  jinn, and 3 percent are “incarned” by the devil ,Because of obsession, the devil is active because  patients  do not follow the route of  Allah, and do not make  prayer. The devil speaks on the tongue of the patient,  and the ignorant  Raqi, in   this case, screaming and getting angry and sweats when talking to the patient. by his ignorance He do not knows that he was caught in the trap of the devil, and he  shouting and shouting and telling him to go out,  even if he stays for the whole time reading the Koran.

The patient in this case has severe compulsive disorder, severe mental illness and internal disorder that he wants to discharge on an idiot Raqi , that Allah  did not give him knowledge and science.

Perhaps those who read this text have seen Sheikhs an Raqis videos on YouTube, they are owners of  centers of   Rokia ,making Rukiah to the patients  at the end of the  Rukiah works , the result is nothing, as the incarnated  patient ,  is still sick.

Many of these videos are fabricated and represented i to bring deceptive fame,

the poor patients will be a new victim in his long list, like others victims.

Our Lord do not make us with the wrongdoing -people-  folk.

These ignorant Raqi, Allah do not give them science of the world of jinn, their only concern is to raise money.

I am ready to put myself in front of the experience and in front of the world and all the rest Raqi in Holland, and I am ready to bet 10 incarnated patients,

who have been unable to expel their demons or unravel their magic, provided that these patients are incarnated. That demons  do not want to leave the body for years,

He suggested that they should come with there  patients so that they would not accuse me of bringing  patients that  I know, to represent false representation to my account to deceive people, such as what like some people do in YouTube as a propaganda item. to bring new victims, those kinds of Raqis are lots, Allah cursed them and promised them a punishment.

I am willing to read the Koran for an hour or more, to 10 patients and  by Allah willing all demons will depart once without leaving any traces on the bodies and by a percentage of 99 percent will not drop any one of them on the ground or scream, by Allah willing, as happens with other Raqi, I chalange  all the Raqi one by one, or by group, their presence is incarnated with the jinn.  I will show that the sick have healed by the grace of Allah, and the demons have departed, without any return, the damn of Allah be open them.

I ask everyone who wants to know the truth, to mediate in making this appointment publicly and declaring it to all people in order all Raqi to be present, to remain an argument and a curse on me that I lied or cursed those who  wronged and those who walked along like them.

When you take the exam, once you will be  humiliated or cherished, many of those Raqis , only can be herborists or making Hijama, they can not kick out demons from bodies patients, they only sell their herbs , and lie to their patients making them thinking being recovred.

I ask the reader who read this speech, who want to know the truth about  how a devil fear the scalpel  or a handful of herbs and get out of the body of the patient or leave him, even he does not afraid even from the Koran, because the Raqis do not have the science and the wisdom from Allah to make them able to achieve this aim.

those examples be revealed to make folks/ people/ thinking about this world.

Some time the devil announces his Islam and rejoices the  ignorant Raqi and thank Allah that the devil revert to Islam  and call him brother in Islam and choose an Arab name for him,  and he does not know that the devil will lie to him and accuse the innocent to be enmity between people.

The reason for this announcement is:

To educate people so as not to slow down months and days in the maze of ignorant and  waste their money useless.

The secret that a few people knows is that Allah created the people and the demons and  have denied injustice between them . So if been attacked by someone I should complain to the police to take him to the judge, who would punish him, so he would not do it again.

The world of the jinn as the world of mankind, Allah made them controls and judgments and deprived them of injustice, and if injustice raped or assaulted cannot complain only to those who Allah gives them wisdom and power to dispense with patient in order to expulse demons  without return, This wisdom was given only to two people in the whole world, and without wisdom even the Raqi read the Koran  ten years on a patient,  the jinn will not go out, he fled for some time and then return.

If this is not true, then why should the patient be promoted for years without success,

Examples of people are witness to this and the patient has been in conflict with the jinn for many years, useless.

O you who have been infected with magic or touch from the jinn or the – Ayen-  evil eye, I am Abdullah al – Hakim,   Allah grant me the blessing, wisdom and knowledge that I help you to get rid of the -Ayen- eye and the  devils, and all kinds of magic in one hour, with Allah  willing . Allah is the  witnesses.

Treatment in your presence or remotely as desired.

Wisdom and science plus Quran = healing ………. This is an equation that is difficult to understand even by Raqi and Imams.

Wisdom and science to expel the jinn and demons … … Quran to decipher the magic and treat the effects of jinn and magic and the-Ayen- evil eye.

The doctor does not give the medicine to the patient until he knows the cause of the disease.

And the true and the real Raqi does not promote the patient and read the Koran until he knows about his sickness ,  what caused his illness,  magic and what is its type and the number of genie or is -Ayen- an eye or is a genie in love or revenge.

By Lord of heaven and earth, He is right, just as you speak

Trust in Allah who is the healer

God will make you good, and He will make you happy.


Many children get sick because of the jinn who are with their parents, signs are: children   moving lots, crying are aggressive and lack of attention in school,   panic and nightmares in their sleep…..

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